Hello my name is Seiji, also known as "Seiji the Clown" or rarely "Zirkussoldat". Poupées de Cirque is a tiny place to display my collections of dolls.
The main theme is "Circus" but there are plenty more themes that are included my my collection. You can use the menue on the right to navigate through the themes and reach the different doll profiles, each profile will tell you different details about the dolls. I am an artist from the middle of Europe and love to take photos (mainly of dolls), draw, craft, customize or write. As a rather quiet person I sometimes need a lot of time for myself. You can follow my newest photoshootings through my project blog or my instagram page.

All my dolls are bought from legit resources and were created by loving artists. Since I started collecting in 2007 my collection grew quite huge over the years.

If you have any questions regarding my dolls you can either contact me trough my social media sites
or my email address creator at poupeesdecirque dot com.
Please do not repost my art and do not remove my watermark. My doll's characters are not free for roleplaying (except the ones based on existing Series or Shows since I don't own these), kinning or similar. If you like my work please just point people to this website. My characters are free to draw, I really appreciate fanart of any form if you inform me about it ^_^

My dolls featured by their creators:

Blättchen featured by Will o Wisp Dolls (Instagram)
Willow featured by DollChateau (Instagram)
Willow featured by DollZone/Chateau (Tumblr)
Willow featured by DollZone (Tumblr)
Willow featured by DollZone/Chateau (Twitter)
Oleander featured by ElementDolls (Instagram)

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